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Fine art by Lisa Beth Older

The story behind the artist

Lisa Beth Older

NYC, Chelsea, Artist Lisa Beth Older is an abstract expressionism action style painter born in Hartford, Connecticut that’s been exhibiting and selling art for close to two decades. Her art can be found with two Presidential families, in Museums, and in historic buildings on Wall Street and Broadway, and in other prominent private collections.

She lost her mother to breast cancer when she was only six years old. Growing up in Florida she was sent to live from pillar to post with relatives and other individuals. At age 16 she took to the road ending up in California where she lived in a Teepee up in the mountains painting, writing poetry, and playing the guitar. “Pain felt natural to me, but art was my ultimate medicine.”

Lisa Beth Older is primarily a self-taught artist, and in the 80’s she lived for four years in the East Village on Avenue A where she trained with abstract artist Fredda Mekul who served as her mentor. Lisa Beth was an integral part of the East Village art scene, throwing art parties which drew regular crowds of creative people. One-night Joey Ramone stumbled over the threshold to become a lifelong friend. Her art is influenced by the energy and cross cultures of New York City reflected in her art that is visceral and tactile rather than intellectual’


My signature style is called “Bend & Blend”, a bending and blending of paint. It’s a reflection of the complexity of our society and the times we live in today. We live in a “texturized” society with a cross blend of cultures, creative energy and expressions – a sensory overload. I’m known for my fearlessness with colors, energy, and texture, and my action style painting. I get these three-dimensional relief effects using knives, brushes and handmade tooling to layer the paint, leaving hints of vestiges below in order to invite the viewer to imagine hidden unseen parts. It’s the individual viewer’s mind that completes the image.

Fine art by Lisa Beth Older